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    "Juliana and I loved IPC and we are so happy we chose it. When we plan lessons with the teachers, we are always impressed with how structured and rich the themes are...our preschoolers have gotten accepted in prestigious and high ranked schools in Dubai...my child got accepted in KG2 and was able to skip KG1 because his examiner was so impressed with his level. Now we really know IPC is great!"

    Orange Tree Nursery, Dubai, an IPC accredited location.


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    From Armenia to Zambia, our brand is as local as you are.

    Why Childcare?

    The dual income parent family is currently growing at the fastest rate in history, creating an unparalleled demand for childcare.




    A Solid Brand.

    Gain marketing strength with a global education brand that is established as a leader in international early childhood education.


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  • International Preschool Curriculum

    Exclusive to IPC® schools

    Developed by Experts.

    All IPC academic team members hold doctorate degrees from US accredited institutions and some teach ECE at bachelors and masters level.


    We pride ourselves on identifying the experts in the field and collaborating research based methods that are peer reviewed for accuracy and rigor.


    Watch the IPC curriculum video here.


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  • Stats & Figures

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    180+ Locations

    On 6 continents across the globe.

    98% Success Rate

    Reflects the percentage of IPC schools still operational.

    92% of IPC Schools

    Claim to have a business advantage over their competitors.


    The average percentage that IPC schools charge above market rate for tuition.

    6000+ Published Items

    Ranging from curriculum activities to classroom posters, the IPC has the most comprehensive library of international preschool resources of any international organization in the world.


    The percentage of IPC academic team members who hold a doctorate degree in education from US accredited institutions.

  • What we do from Day 1

    A plan designed for success. 

    1.  Marketing and Business Planning

    A fully customizable marketing plan and strategy will be provided as well as samples of business plans that will assist you in getting started.

    2.  Franchise Handbook

    Over 600 pages of policy documents, practical guides, financial guides and support documents to ensure that all the most common obstacles are covered.

    3.  Dedicated Relationship Manager

    Your very own relationship manager by email, phone or Skype.  All consultancy requests are only a call away.

    4.  CRM Software

    The IPC was the first to develop a CRM and leads management software for its clients so that  you can identify future enrollments and turn prospects into sales.

    5. Website

    Your very own website designed by our web team at our Florida studio.

    6. Directory Page Listings

    Enrollment information, contact details and location maps are offered on the IPC's interactive directory service.

    7. Marketing Kits

    Ranging from professionally designed posters to videos, the IPC will provide you with the tools you need to promote your IPC location. 

  • The Investment

    We offer a tailored approach.

    One time fee. 

    The IPC has a tailored pricing model that is designed to suit your needs. Please contact us for pricing information.

    Ongoing Fees.

    • Assessment Fees* - $7 per month, per student and teacher.  The assessment fee includes one annual certificate per student and a graduation certificate for teachers upon completion of teacher training. 
    • Technology Fee* - $150 per annum.
    * Ongoing Fees vary by location. Please contact us for more information.
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